Write Your Summer Story

Sunshine and long days beget an air of easy living and mellow moods. People walk a little slower, savor meals a little longer, and leave work a little earlier. Summer, we look forward to it  all year long, so who wants to fill it up  with another list of to-dos, honey-dos, and maybe-tomorrows?

This year, instead of creating a summer bucket list, we are writing a story. You know, those stories that are fondly told as the chilly months roll in that bring you back to balmy summer nights  of staying out too late or saying yes to spontaneity.

To inspire you and help to get your creative juices flowing for the summer you want to create, we spoke to Team SILVR about what the next 13 glorious weeks will look like for us...

LORYN: To reclaim her childhood by throwing sand in her face, giggling till she pees her pants, and teaching her baby girl what summer in California is all about.

SARAH: To only wear hipster hats and caftans as she pursues her career as the frontman of the traveling one-man show and Jimmy Buffett cover band, Lone Shark.

  *Please note: In a fit of Margarita-inspired excitement, she threw her hat. It has been recovered.

*Please note: In a fit of Margarita-inspired excitement, she threw her hat. It has been recovered.

NEIL: To build a sandcastle, sans sand, using only the empty La Croix cans from his desk, and then bury his laptop. Forever.

ERICA: To build a toy-filled paradise in her backyard for sun-drenched days, then master the art of plastic wrap preservation by night.

TRACI: To create the perfect hippie nursery for her baby boy expected in August. The room will include, but will not be limited to:  gluten-free pacifiers, 0-3 months sustainable yoga mat, and Baby Einstein: Email Marketing.

  *Not Traci’s baby

*Not Traci’s baby

LINDSAY: To hike the first 6 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail a la Wild, then meet up with her support van to abandon the rest of the trail, indulge on s’mores, and plan her next big excursion.

JACKIE: To throw responsibility out the door along with her tres stylish sweaters and scarves to live out the “Sun’s Out, Bums Out!”attitude! The rest of her days will look something like a Vanity Fair party in the Hamptons, clad with the beach, foodie foods, plenty of dry French white wine, and bikinis.

DOUG: To sleep in to 6:30 am and leisurely read at least 3 SEO-themed young adult books, then teach Matty a thing or two about surfing.

ALYSSA: To meet a handsome matador while traveling in Spain, teach him that animal cruelty is not the way, and live happily ever after among her plants and new pet bulls.

  *Potentially Alyssa’s matador

*Potentially Alyssa’s matador

MATTY: Chill Vape Wave Brah Testaronie Nipples...whatever that means. #freethenip

CAT: To embrace the adage “Adios Pantalones!” by heading south to work on her writing without the American confines of “No shoes, no shirt, (no pants?), no service!”

RACHEL: To watch waves from the Coaster, make white sangria (and join Jackie in the Hamptons),  and choreograph an office dance to “Work” by Rihanna for us to perform as the opening act for Sarah, I mean, “Lone Shark.”

MIKE: To overcome his constant battle of smoked chicken wings or no smoked chicken wings by admitting that he is one badass chef who deserves to eat all the smoked chicken wings he wants.

JASMINE: To finally patent her sundial lounge chair that rotates with the exact movement of the sun allowing maximum Vitamin D intake! It also comes equipped with a built-in stereo playing only Sheryl Crow so that she is can soak up the sun, but rock on with the constant reminder to re-apply (SPF) 45.