Why did you name the company SILVR?

The day that Loryn and I decided to quit our high paying/high stress jobs, my incredible husband said "I believe in you and I will do anything I can to help you." And he did. He gave us one of the biggest gifts a new business could possibly hope for...an identity. He created our logo.

The elemental alchemy symbol for silver.

After a stage of "paralysis by analysis," we finally chose the name SILVR, a letter short of silver.  We dropped the "e" for a practical reason...it was easier to rank on the search engines. Silver felt clean, light and energetic. Upon doing a little more research we discovered that: "Silver possesses the highest electrical conductivity of any element, the highest thermal conductivity of any metal and is the most reflective metal on the planet."  Those three elemental qualities served as the pillars of our business and the biggest influence on our logo.

The crescent moons has been used since ancient times to represent silver.

Electrical Conductivity - If you assume that social media is an electric current, then SILVR serves as the conductor, allowing you to harness the power of social media and direct that energy to your targeted audience.

Thermal Conductivity - If you assume that loving what you do and working with passion creates heat, then SILVR serves as the conductor, helping to humanize your brand and reconnect you with the spark that drove you to create your business to begin with.  

The Most Reflective Metal on the Plant - If you assume that an online community will reflect the greatness of your brand, then SILVR serves as the conductor, assisting you in amplifying your message and attracting a larger audience.

We are social conductivity.

SILVR was born on August 20th, 2012. Today we celebrate our 2nd anniversary. Thank you to my amazing husband Jesse for his gift, thank you to my business partner Loryn for her strength and fortitude, thank you to our dream team for fueling this engine with passion, thank you to our friends and family for your support and thank you to our clients for believing that what we conceived could be achieved.