Welcome to the Wild Side!

Our treasured client, friend, and animal communication expert Danielle MacKinnon has launched her new website and we could not be more thrilled for her and honored to have been a  part of this process.

Danielle MacKinnon: School of Animal Communication is a labor of love designed to enhance Danielle’s students’ abilities to communicate with animals in nonverbal ways, while simultaneously expanding their own consciousness as an intuitive.

If you love your pet, want to communicate with them, or have a desire to help animals then Danielle’s new course, Animals As Our Gurus, is for you. “This introductory class is designed to open the door to all that is possible when you begin your journey of Animal Communication. In this class you will learn the foundations to create a stronger, more fulfilling, and more trusting connection between you and the beloved animals in your life.”

This course starts next month (January 26th to be exact) and for only $17 you can be on your way to effective animal communication. If you’re still scrambling for the perrrrfect, meaningful gift for the animal-lover in your life, may we suggest Danielle’s course.

Congratulations Danielle, and thanks for bringing us along on this wild ride.