A study conducted by Opinionway and DDB, concluded that a whopping 75% of Facebook “LIKES” come from Facebook advertising. This is great news for brands that are focused on increasing their fan base. By developing an ad strategy, a brand can expect to have a steady increase in their “likes” but what is the value of a fan and how will that impact your bottom line? 

Let’s look a little deeper at the philosophy of a fan:

Why Did You Choose to “LIKE” this Brand?

  • 75% – Through an advertisement I saw
  • 59% – Through an invitation from my friend
  • 49% – Through my own personal research

Why Do You Follow Brands on Facebook?

  • To take advantage of promotional benefits – 41%
  • Because I like this brand – 39%
  • To be informed about new products offered by the brand – 35%
  • To access exclusive information – 28%
  • To give your opinion about the brand – 23%
  • To express your support for the values promoted by the brand – 22%
  • To show others what you like – 21%

How Does This Impact The Purchases That You Make?

  • It makes me want to buy this brand’s product more – 36%
  • It makes me want to buy this brand’s product as much as before – 61%
  • I am willing to recommend this brand to my friends – 94%

It is extremely important for businesses to understand that fan acquisition is only one measurement of success. Once a consumer “likes” the page, they expect the brand to provide them with benefits, quality content and consistent communication. If the brand provides them with a good user experience, the consumer will remain loyal, increase their spend and promote your product in ways you could not have imagined. What did you do for your fans today?