LIKE Farms? Say Whaaaat?

Have you ever questioned the legitimacy of a Facebook profile? Hmmm “Jane B. Good,” sounds more like an alter ego than a walking talking socialized human being. Well, apparently Facebook is full of them and it is a full time job for Facebook to attempt to control this new kind of spam. In a recent article written by CNet, it is estimated that over 8% of Facebook users are FAKE! But the market has evolved even further and now with services like, you can buy 1,000 fans for a mere $29! Anyone that has tried to legitimately build a fan base of 1,000 people understands what a slap in the face this is to social media marketing. Building a community of fake users through LIKE farms isn’t benefiting anyone but the guy selling you the fans.

So, assume that you decided to purchase these fans in an attempt to legitimize your business or to give your competition a “run” for their money. The major component that is missing is the heartbeat of your audience!! You are speaking to a warehouse of mannequins. How will you measure your success if no one is actually reading your posts? How will you build your brand if no one is talking about it? Don’t fall into this trap. Remember your mission and create a strategy that targets your consumers not their likeness.