Keeping Up with the Joneses

How Do You Evaluate Social Media Success?

In the world of social media marketing, it is easy to focus your measurement of success on the status of the competition’s Facebook or Twitter page. How many fans or followers they have is not only referenced by the click of a link but it is really easy to see how you measure up. “They have 3,560 fans. We have 2,347. We need a little over a thousand more to catch them!!” The problem with this strategy is that it can become very expensive and before you know it, you lost your mission and you are just trying to keep up with the Joneses! Counting fans and followers, though important, is not how SILVR measures the overall success of our social marketing campaigns.

Many of our clients will start with very few fans. Our first priority, before even looking at the number of fans, is making sure that we understand the audience! When you know your audience, your fan base interacts with your posts, they comment or share your content, they like your photos. These activities are then shared with their respective friends and so on and so on. Collectively, Facebook calls this “user engagement” and it is singly the most important aspect of evaluating your social media marketing success. When you have a high user engagement it means that you have connected with your fan base. A fan base is more than a number of likes on a page, it is a community….it is YOUR community. It is a group of loyal followers that when engaged with correctly will diligently promote your business like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

Once you know that you are creating content that is engaging your audience, then you are free to focus on building your numbers. But the next time, you check your competition’s page to judge their success, skip the fans and take a quick peek at their last post and note how many of their fans were truly engaged.