Google+ IS A MUST

It has always been Google’s goal to serve ‘searchers’ with the most relevant search results. Now, Google has entered into the world of social media with Google+. In fifteen short months, there are already over two hundred and fifty million people using Google+ and over one million brands have created Google+ Business Pages. With 85% of monthly global Internet users, Google+ user-ship is expected to reach 400 million users by the end of 2012.

Historically, Google has had a lot of success when they presented their searchers with personalized results. In 2009, Google updated their algorithms to enable searchers to see localized search results, even if the searcher didn’t include a location into their query. This product was called Google Places. Since the 2009 update, Google Places has become arguably the most powerful local online marketing tool. Earlier this year, Google merged Google Places with Google+, a BIG move to increase exposure to Google+. This change essentially replaced Google Places with a page that integrates Google+ social network. Now, Google Searchers will see a businesses’ Google+ page where they can see photos, take advantage of special offers or promotions, learn about breaking news and engage in face-to-face video chats or directly on the Google+ Business Page. Google anticipates that rich and up-to-date content will encourage more of it’s searchers to become Google+ users. Needless to say, Google is serious about making Google+ a success. Google+ is a MUST!!