The Importance of Tracking Your Efforts

tracking in the digital age

The beauty of digital marketing is its trackability. Tracking gives credit where credit is due, plus it is your most unbiased teacher in what works and what may have missed the mark. Measuring and monitoring your results is a necessary step in maximizing your efforts and getting your business in front of your target demographic. There are several free tools that allow us to do this. The most prominent, complex and customizable is Google Analytics, but there are a few other tools that we like as well.

Utilize Your Tools
If you haven’t already, install Google Analytics on your website. When setup properly, Google Analytics will show you which marketing channels funnel the most and highest quality traffic. It will show you who is visiting your website, where they are located, how they found you, how long they stayed on your site, and if they completed a goal (purchased a product, submitted an email inquiry, or subscribed to your list). All of which is the ultimate goal (having consumers actively participating with you and your site)--being able to see that your goals are being accomplished will indicate to you that you are doing something right.

Google Data Studio is another great tool that will allow you to visualize your data. We have created a simple template here that you’re free to use for your own data! With this insight at hand, you can focus your efforts on what your customers want.

Optimize Your Digital Dollar
Facebook, Google AdWords, Instagram and several other platforms offer endless marketing opportunities, but it's easy to overspend without reaping the benefits of the return. Often times, these expenses will vary based on the the type of content, the intent of the ad and the target audience. In the highly competitive and impacted digital  environment, simply throwing money behind an ad does not guarantee that it will be successful. To get the biggest bang for your buck you need to analyze what's working.


Validate Your Instincts
Never underestimate the power of intuition, but don’t forget to measure its success. Many hunches are worth following, but tracking allows you to find the truth in your intuitions, and perhaps analyze what is driving the phenomenon at hand.

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