Social Community Comes Together For 2nd Annual Bloody Mary Brawl!

We asked our community to throw down for the 2nd Annual Bloody Mary brawl, and before we knew it the gloves were off and the vodka and tomato juice was flowing like water.

The submissions rolled in from across the country and with every new entry the bar seemed to be raised. From delicious delitescent packed libations to bold bread bowls, the Bloody Mary Brawl was full of wildly wondrous creations and we were humbled and grateful for every submission.

In the end there could be only one winner, and we left it to our social community to decide. Kevin Winkel from Seattle, Washington, took top honors as his bread bowl bloody’s were absolutely epic. Kevin will be the recipient of the prestigious SILVR Deer Head, which he is sure to hang above his fireplace or strap to the front of his car.

With entries from Texas, Minnesota, Washington, and beyond we can only imagine that this thing is about to go global, and we are already planning for how we can take the Bloody Mary Brawl to the next level. Will we have sponsors, will celebrities partake, or will we give away a Lexus? Who knows, but there is one way to find out, join us next year for the 3rd Annual Bloody Mary Brawl!