SILVR at Belmont Park

None of us claim to be mathematicians, but we know a radical equation when we see one, and Team SILVR plus a party bus, pre-noon champagne, and an amusement park equal an epic afternoon for this squad.

We don’t do typical around here, and boring is not in our vocabulary, so instead of some square christmas party where we all sat around making small talk at a restaurant, we descended upon Belmont Park and were greeted with VIP unlimited ride and food wristbands, and instantly turned into excitable teenagers.

You can’t not have fun at Belmont Park, whoever came up with the idea of putting an amusement park on the beach was some kind of amazing genius, and we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day to enjoy all that the park had to offer. If you know our team you know that we are a tight-knit crew; we work hard, we love hard, and we play hard. Our day at Belmont was more than just a holiday party, it was a way for us all to show gratitude to each other, for the magic of our team, and for the awesome clients that have honored us with becoming part of the SILVR family.

The day was amazing and we all had a blast giggling, eating a lot of ice cream, and trying to win every carnival game imaginable. Each member of our team brings something special to the table. We are seriously surrounded by immense talent, and just like at work each team member had a unique Belmont experience, here is how it went down:

Sarah: Half of our fearless leadership, Sarah is our team spirit captain and wasn’t afraid to put on her party pants. While Sarah is an adventurous spirit she also has a severe arcade ticket addiction and could be found transfixed by the glowing lights of the numerous games at Belmont. At one point it seemed as if she was going to ask us to leave her there so she could keep collecting tickets and buy a whole pod of inflatable dolphins.

Loryn: Our other fearless leader and former juniors surfing champion, Loryn or L Boogie, as they call her on the streets of La Jolla, seemed to be all about the adventure. She rode the zipline like it was a smoking Rincon right! For a short time in the day we all thought we had lost her, but when we all looked up she was riding high above us shrieking and laughing like a little kid. It was the best.

Erica: Erica was on point (as always) and used her steady hand and nerves of steel to try to win us a Playstation 4 from the world's best claw game. Who would have thought they would be giving away such amazing prizes? Things sure have changed since we were actual kids. Erica also moved through the laser zone like she was in the Italian Job, which made us wonder if she was a cat burgler in a past life.

Lindsay: Our lovely Creative Director who makes everything pretty for all of our clients spends most of the year in Seattle, so when we get to see her we are all elated as she is an integral part of this family. She is also the life of every party and kept the tunes cranked and the vibes high throughout the whole affair.

Traci: Our resident mom-to-be was absolutely glowing all day! She enjoyed the atmosphere, looked as happy as ever as she rode the carousel, and spent most the day just laughing at all the maniacs in our crew. Looking cool and cruising through the arcade, Traci is going to be the best mom ever!

Neil: Our senior male staff member and human karaoke machine was instantly at home among the many old school arcade games as he can still crush you at Contra on the original Nintendo. Neil is absolutely the man and is freakishly good at carnival games--he won an insane amount of stuffed animals for the SILVR kiddos.

Jackie: Our in-house Queen of Cool, Jackie was feeling the good vibes and pretty much ran the park like it was no nobody’s business. From carnival games to making the carousel look fashionable, Jackie unassumingly rocked the park! I mean, she was the only one packing a champagne filled squirt gun.

Cat: Cat is the human equivalent of your favorite comfort food and the best hug of your life. She makes everyone around her feel awesome and there isn’t a better person to spend a day with at Belmont. She was also a soccer star and is insanely good at anything that requires physical coordination, like the Sky Climb and hoop games.

Doug: Surf star, SEO Master, and Wizard of Oz, Doug is a stud and is always down for an adventure. He attacked the rock wall, flipped through the Lazer Maze, and got smashed by Matty V in mini golf. Doug always keeps the party going and was rocking the dance party in the party bus the whole ride home.

Matty: That one summer at golf camp really paid off as Matty is the Tiger Woods of mini golf and knocked out three hole-in-ones and rarely shot over two on the Tiki Town Adventure Golf. While not always wild about crowds and small children, he was over the moon to explore an amusement park with no crowds or lines, as VIP is the only way he rolls.