We requested an interview with Sara in hopes that her story will inspire YOU to dream big, be joyful and make an impact. Sara radiates optimism, veracity, empowerment and FUN! We have loved getting to know her and we hope you do too!

SARA CHRISTENSEN, Private Weight Loss Coach

SILVR: Have you always been passionate about health?

Sara: Heck no. In my 20’s I was snarfing down curly fries and greasy burgers  and I only dragged my ass to the gym once in a blue moon. But then my mom died of breast cancer and that made me think twice about how I was treating my body and the possible effects of that. And then when I had my own brush with cancer, I made some radical changes to what I ate and how I moved my body. Oh and I fell in love with green juice!

SILVR: Who is your biggest inspiration, personal or professional?

Sara: My clients. I'm inspired by their commitment to reinvent themselves and reveal their true selves. They remind me every day that anything and everything is possible.

SILVR: What pearl of wisdom would you offer to someone struggling with weight?

Sara: Go easy on yourself and keep it simple. Shift that little voice in your head from being your biggest critic to being your biggest cheerleader. Being a critical bitch to yourself doesn't work, but being kind does.  Also, eat real food and keep it basic. You don't need the latest diet pills or meal replacement potion or fad cleanse. In fact, those things are total BS and the only thing you'll lose is your money. Eat as many veggies as possible plus fruit, lean protein and whole grains. Move your body almost everyday by doing something you love. Think of exercise as recess for adults and do something that's fun.

SILVR: What do you love most about your job?

Sara: This is my service to the world - what I'm here to do! So I don't really even think of it as my job. There's no doubt, though, that what I love most about what I do is creating extraordinary happiness and joy for my clients. Sure my clients lose weight, but what they gain is so much more. It's confidence, vibrance, spirit and tenacity! I love it when they gain the mojo to do things that they wouldn't have dreamed of in the past - like hang out at the beach with their kids or go on a sailboat adventure in Croatia.


SILVR: What is your favorite food?

Sara: Perfectly ripe figs. Or pizza.  

SILVR: What’s something surprising most people don’t know about you?

Sara: I don't like going to the gym! I much prefer my exercise to be in a yoga studio or out in nature.  

SILVR: Last song you listened to?

Sara: Subterranean Homesick Blues by Michael Franti covering Bob Dylan

SILVR: Now please tell us how you ended up with two dogs named Lola?!

Sara: Before my guy Nate and I met, we each had a black dog named Lola - my feisty pug and his gentle mixed breed. So now we have the two Lolas - who have lots of silly nicknames like Totsy and Big Momma. But sometimes we still just holler "Lola!" and they both appear. It's quite efficient, really.