When the amazing team at ReVision Optics, Inc. came to us, they had a big request. They asked us to create and implement an online "patient journey portal." With a fresh glass of icy cold brew, we went to the drawing board and started imagining what it could look like. This portal would serve as a tool for both RVO’s customers to easily and quickly access resources and information about the Raindrop® Near Vision Inlay online 24/7. This blog post outlines our process and key learning points through the design and build process. 


ReVision Optics, Inc.


Medical Device


  • Customized Website Development

  • UX Development

  • Content Development

  • Print and Digital Graphic Design  

  • Integrated Marketing Strategy

  • Sales Funnel Development


The client was seeking a solution to effectively present marketing materials to medical practices to support them in promoting the Raindrop® Near Vision Inlay to their patients, while maintaining their brand guidelines. Their solution was to offer digital materials primarily on Google Drive, a zip drive and via individual email requests.


This solution required full-time management of these email requests and turn around time ranged from 3-5 business days. Questions as to how to utilize these materials were managed via field representatives, through email and phone requests, with a turnaround of 2-4 business days.


Our mission was to create a comprehensive online library of marketing support materials that was available 24/7, designed with intuitive navigation and unique content, and kept our client’s procedure top-of-mind for medical practices.

We didn’t stop at architecting a new site; we took this opportunity to provide a roadmap for medical practices to attract new patients, convert inquiries, and provide superior patient interactions via the customized resources and best practices.  

The design and the content reinforce a human-centered way of speaking to a specific end-user audience, address exactly where they are on the patient journey, and mindfully guide their next steps. In parallel, we provided foundational training materials for each stage of the patient journey that were designed to educate practices on how to effectively utilize the resources across various digital marketing platforms, all while maintaining our client’s brand guidelines.


We began the project by identifying and mapping out the phases of the patient journey for a specific medical procedure, while ensuring that each phase mindfully nurtures the prospective patient.


This was followed by a content audit of all marketing materials that would be included on the site. Next, we identified gaps in the patient journey and developed marketing materials that would ensure a fully-supported and seamless path.  In parallel, we created foundational training and best practice guides to support practices to fully activate their marketing campaigns, ensuring our client’s brand voice and visual language are effectively represented.


We created a secure Marketing Portal Site, where all digital marketing materials (over 200 files & videos) are available on-demand for download 24/7 and print materials are available for order directly online. We created training resources for practices that correspond to each stage of the patient journey and are available for download on-demand.


Within the two weeks after website launch, ~50 practices with over 200 individuals created a user account. Prior to the launch of the website, the traffic to the marketing website assets via their previous solution was ~75 over an average two week period. Since launch we are tracking at ~1300 in an average two week period.  That equates to a 1688% increase in user traffic and orders of digital materials. More orders equates to more in-practice branding, which we anticipate will keep our client’s procedure top-of-mind with practices and result in more patient conversions. —- We will keep you posted on the progress.