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Staying focused at work can be a difficult task. Your thoughts wander to future scenarios, finding yourself poolside with a cocktail in hand, or couch-bound relaxing to Netflix’s latest offerings. The problem here, is that the work will still need to get done and after an extended daydream, you’ll just have less time to do it. Your dreams of a poolside cocktail slowly start to fade...

So, how can we help ourselves stay more focused while at work? There have been several studies on the relationship between music and productivity. Some suggest that listening to music while working can boost alertness, productivity and focus. However, others find that when it comes to cognitively demanding tasks, nothing beats silence. So, while we’re not quite ready to make the call on music being the quick-fix for the distracted procrastinator, we do feel that when you’re in your flow, the right tunes can help you stay on track.

Below are a few music genres best known for their productivity-boosting benefits, as well as some staff picks to get you started on your very own productivity playlist. Of course, finding what works best for you and your personal tastes is the goal here. Godspeed friends.


Go Instrumental while writing- Words can be distracting. Lyrically-dense tunes may not be the best choice while cranking out your next editorial piece.

Try Classical during detail-oriented tasks- If your work involves attention to detail, classical music has been shown to improve mathematical accuracy as well as spell-checking!

Play Natural soundtracks to boost mood- Sounds of the natural world, especially water, can help drown out unwanted distractions while improving mood and cognitive function.

Crank up the Pop while beating the clock- Have a deadline you need to hit by day’s end? Pop music has been shown to decrease the time it takes to complete tasks, as well improving overall accuracy leading to fewer mistakes.

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