Plastic Surgeons & Dermatologists Who are Stepping it Up on Instagram

Instagram is a richly visual platform, which allows aesthetic specialists to showcase their work while connecting with patients. Cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists who focus on compelling storytelling and extraordinary results are able to gain followers and educate patients. Here are some accounts that have wowed us:

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Dr. Simon Ourian has 2.4 million highly engaged followers. His feed features patient transformations, videos of live treatments and educational information. We love that is post descriptions give followers a feel for what they can expect for each procedure, include national average costs, information about recovery and downtime and how to contact his practice.

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Dr. Jason Diamond has over 100,000 followers. He posts personal updates, educational videos, and we especially love the animations that showcase the results of his procedures accompanied with the before and after side by side.

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Dr. Tavakoli has 131,000 Instagram followers. His page is primarily focused on breast procedures, his animated videos do a great job of showcasing his work. 

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Dr. Kay has over 88,000 followers on instagram. She posts live treatments where she explains the patient goals both during the video and in the post copy. Her page makes it feel like anybody achieve that supermodel look.

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Dr. Richard Reish, MD has over 2,800 followers and great engagement. His feed is packed with his patient transformations. We love that Dr. Reish’s posts are aesthetically appealing photos, with a consistent color theme. His community of followers certainly sings his praises.

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