I create for the sole purpose of creation and work with passion.

SILVR: Where did your passion in furniture originate from?

Jory: I can’t say for sure where it originated from. I’m pretty sure I didn’t stand a chance to do anything else though. A good percentage of my family are either woodworkers or architects. I have always enjoyed building things, but my real passion is the design part. I always knew the only way to get a design into an actual tangible object was to build it myself. The passion has steadily gotten stronger.

SILVR: How did Jory Brigham Design get its start?

Jory: That’s a tough one. There were a ton of different factors that contributed to our start but the first big break was about 12 years ago. One of my clients, Fess Parker, truly believed in my creative talents and took a chance. He gave me the freedom to make pretty much whatever I wanted. He bought me the tools that I needed and set me up with both a workshop and a place to live. That opportunity allowed me to realize how much I treasured creative freedom. It helped me to grow quickly and enabled me switch up my style.

SILVR: What is your design process like?

Jory: I do most of the design, 70-80%, in my head and then I design the rest as I am building. I get my best ideas while I am building as the piece starts to take a shape of its own and I can see what it needs…rather than being so focused on my original plan. This is why I don’t like sketches or using design programs. When I leave the options open then I really have an open mind to what that piece calls for. Renderings or models can never truly convey colors, textures and materials for me. But I think YOU need to be open to whatever works for YOU and create your own process.

SILVR: What are your design influences and for what reasons?

Jory: I am most influenced by various architects. Buildings inspire me the most. I love them because they are made up of so many materials and textures

SILVR: Are their any other forms of design or art that you indulge in?

Jory: I would love to collect paintings! Also, I’m a sucker for trees, absolutely dig them…especially the odd looking ones.