Multi-Channel Marketing

Multi-channel marketing (running ads simultaneously across a variety of mediums) is key to getting your brand out to customers, wherever they may be.  A multi-channel strategy may include digital ads, TV commercials, radio spots, mobile applications, and a variety of print mediums, like billboards or magazine ads. Digital ads can be especially effective at targeting potential customers that have Googled your services, or who are looking for similar services in your area.

At SILVR, we specialize in multi-channel digital marketing strategies and here’s a few key things we recommend doing when setting up a great multi-channel strategy:

Take advantage of the range of digital channels available

Search, paid ads, email marketing social media- the options are endless. Pick platforms that most relate to your customer and start there.

Multi-channel campaigns are the most effective when the message is seamless from one channel to another.
— Mike D - Digital Developer & Designer

Create ads with consistency and slight variation.

All of your messaging should be consistent, but include variations that make sense for the platform. In the wise words of entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk, “Content is king, but context is God.” You’ll want your Instagram ads to fit in with the platform. People visit Instagram looking for rich visual imagery, so give them what they are looking for!

Track it like it’s hot.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again… Track your work! Identify your KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) and track how your advertising efforts serve them. Several fantastic analytical tools are available online, some at no cost! Utilize UTM codes (is a simple code that you attach to a custom URL that allows you to track its source, medium and campaign name in Google Analytics) and other tracking tools to make sure that a of your digital ad efforts are measured. This will provide insight into which channels in your strategy are working, and why.

Do more of what works and evolve away from what doesn’t.

You have more knowledge at your fingertips than you may realize. Here are a few things to consider when approaching a new campaign.


“I Will What I Want” - Under Armour  (TV, Social, YouTube, Web, Print)

“The first time I ever saw the commercial with Misty Copeland, I couldn't look away. These ads are empowering - not only for women, but for young girls coming into their own.” -Alyssa

“Flo” from Progressive (TV, Social, Web, Print)

“Even though the campaign originally started as a push to make shopping for insurance appear to be a pleasant experience, Flo became so immediately recognizable across nearly all ad channels - keeping Progressive top of mind. There are even Halloween costumes of her likeness.” - Neil

“Small Business Saturday” - American Express (Print, Web, Social, Radio)

“I have always been impressed with the American Express ‘Small Business Saturday‘ campaign which promotes shopping at small local businesses the day after Black Friday. They've been doing this for about 5 years now and it has been so successful that many people don't even realize that it is an American Express campaign" - Jasmine


“Shot on iPhone” -Apple (Print, Web, Social)

“Change” -Barack Obama (Print, Web, Social)

“Real Beauty”- Dove (Print, Web, TV)


We’d love to hear about your favorite multi-channel marketing campaigns- share your thoughts in the  comments section below!  


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