On August 12th, 2012 at 8:03am, I was sadly notified by my Facebook Newsfeed, my version of the morning paper, that Morgan Freeman was DEAD. Doing what I thought was best, I notified all my friends of his passing by sharing the original post and left my heart felt response. I was devastated and went about my day remembering all the different films Morgan Freeman had starred in and appreciating how many lives he must have touched. Then about a month later, I logged into my Facebook feed to find out that Morgan Freeman had died AGAIN!… This time it was a terrible traffic accident but strangely last time it was different he had died from a from a tragic ski accident. I scratched my head and immediately started searching the news feeds for any updates on the subject. Nothing. It appeared for the first time that I was the victim of some sort of social media prank…but even worse what about poor Morgan Freeman! I learned a very valuable lesson. Just because you read it on Facebook doesn’t make it fact. Check your sources!

In response to this story, we recently launched a photo we found on our own Facebook page of Abraham Lincoln that was captioned “Don’t believe everything you read on the internet because there is a picture with a quote next to it.”

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We all have friends that over exaggerate. We all have acquaintances that lie. We have all witnessed and most of us have fallen victim to the game of telephone and the vicious high school rumor. So we all have to REMEMBER to read social media posts, look at online images, and operate social media with the same philosophy we learned in elementary school: Don’t believe everything you hear! Or in this case: Don’t believe everything you see, hear or follow!

“Like Mark Twain, I keep reading that I have died. I hope those stories are not true.” said Morgan Freeman* in response to his death hoaxes. If I would have checked a valid news source before concluding that Morgan Freeman died, I would have saved myself, my friends, their friends and whomever else inadvertently virally saw my post the heartbreak of MF’s death. So long live Morgan Freeman and may we ALL be the wiser!