Do you want to match your Profile Picture to your Cover Photo? Follow our step-by-step tutorial to learn how.

First, in order to do so you need to know the dimensions of Facebook's Social Media layout with it's various measurements.  

Profile pictures are 160 X 160 px (but have to be uploaded as 180 x 180 px).  

The Cover Photo is 851 x 315 px.  

The space between the left edge of your Cover Photo and Profile Picture is 23px, and from the top edge of your Cover to the top of your Profile is 210px.

Follow these steps to create your own custom Profile Pic and Cover Photo:

In Photoshop you need to line up guidelines perfectly with these measurements and extend your canvas at the bottom (after you have saved your original Cover Photo)- because your Profile Picture drops down below the bottom edge of your Cover Photo. 

Open your 851 x 315px Cover Photo. Drag guidelines 23px in from the left and 210px down from the top.


 Using a marque and the guidelines you created drag your selection out to 160 x 160 px (make sure you have the image layer selected).



Change your tool to (V) 'Move Tool' and drag to a newly created 180 x 180 px (72 dpi)  blank Photoshop page.

Then you add your company logo or any graphic you would like to brand your Profile Photo. Because the original selected area was 160 x 160 px, you will need to (proportionately) expand it to fit 180 x 180 px. Save your new Profile Photo!


All that's left to do is upload your Profile Photo and Cover Images to Facebook and enjoy your cohesive branding!