I love what I do every single day!

SILVR: When did you realize that jewelry design was your passion?

Shannon: I always knew I loved using my hands to create things since I was young child. My mom was a ceramic artist and we grew up hand making everything imaginable.

I dabbled in many different art mediums during my college years as a Studio Arts major but fell in love with my very last class in Jewelry Design. On a year sabbatical to Kauai, I realized my true passion was for creating beautiful wearable art. It marries all of my passions into one, traveling in search of beautiful stones and finding inspiration in cultures around the world.

SILVR: I understand that at the age of 23 you created the Art in the Park at Dinosaur Caves event in Shell Beach. This event is home to over 130 artists and 5,000 attendees. What inspired you to do this?

Shannon: I was first inspired to create a marketplace after selling my jewelry in the long standing Paddington Market in Sydney, Australia. It really opened up my eyes to the importance of having a community based event that both supports the local artisans, and offers a place to shop for local goods. It’s easy for me to say shop “locally”, but we need to provide these outlets to make it accessible.

I have loved watching the event evolve over the past 10 years. We now feature not only fine art and crafts, but also gourmet food and natural bath & beauty products. All handcrafted and handmade by our own community!

SILVR: What has been your biggest accomplishment personal or professional?

Shannon: My beautiful daughter Pfeiffer Rose. She has brought so much love and playfulness into our lives. Watching her imagination grow and her creativity evolve has reminded me how early on these passions are rooted. When not making jewelry, her and I are sculpting animals, gardening, building teepees, pressing flowers, baking, and exploring life through her bright eyes!

SILVR: What would you say to someone who wants to start his or her own business?

Do what you love and create from your heart. Others will support you when they see how passionate you are about your own creations. Take risks and lots of them! Don’t be afraid to fail at some. The best entrepreneurs in the world will testify to this. And forge ahead with confidence, humbleness, and try and think about how you can benefit those around you, along with your own pursuit for success. I believe a thriving community equals for optimal personal success!

SILVR: Do you live what you love?

Absolutely! I love what I do every single day! I dream at night of making jewelry in the day. So for me, it’s a never ending cycle of imagination and creating with my hands!