How To Write Killer Instagram Captions

How To Write Great Instagram Captions

We can all agree that Instagram is first and foremost a visual platform. And even with the most recent changes to the Insta algorithm where Instagram did their best to push users into creating high quality content, it is still the photos that coax people to double tap, comment, dm their bestie, and #repost.

However, to keep people coming back it is important to have quality captions to accompany your perfectly filtered shots. What to write, how to write, styling and hashtag use are all common pain points for brands, agencies, and individuals using Instagram. With over 500 million users, Instagram is the place to be, so be seen, and better yet, be read!

So let’s tackle the toughest part from that list above: writing captions.

Here are 5 Ways to Write Killer Instagram Captions


This platform is a vehicle to build trust with your fans, clients, brand loyalists, and future buyers. So be forthright with what you are trying to do, sell, and be! The BIGGEST mishap people easily (and honestly) make is writing for the likes! I know that the post three days ago killed it with a joke as a caption, but writing something similar every time for the sake of those floating hearts will come off contrived and eventually will lead to people unfollowing you. Instead, start and end with honesty.


You know those commercials where Brand A calls out its competitor Brand B and leaves you (the viewer) a little awkward and thinking that Brand A are jerks? Well writing a caption on Insta is kind of like the same thing--it accompanies the graphic and together represents your brand, values, and personality. We are on the camp of making people feel good! Be nice and remember that your words hold a certain type of energy--- make it the good kind!


Usually you can throw a black and white filter on about anything and voila, it’s Insta-ready! Grammar, though, is not one of those things. So remember to ALWAYS do a quick grammar, spelling, and autocorrect fail before hitting post! (Although you can edit, it’s best to make your post as clean as possible in your first go-round!)


Get. To. The. Point. I’m not trying to be a bully, but I urge you to get your point across in as few words as possible. Like in the newspaper biz where journalists are paid per word so editors take out all the fluff, channel your inner newspaper editor and trim it down! Front load your caption with important stuff since our attention spans are dwindling faster than you can say Hudson, Valencia or X-Pro.


Finally, ask your readers to take action! Not every post will merit a “Click Link In Profile!”, but if you want your followers to go to your website, read a blog, use a campaign hashtag, ask them! This is the place to do it!