How To Detect a “Photoshop Job” – 5 Clues That Will Make You Look Like Columbo

OK, so maybe I am the only one who really wants to act like or probably even remembers Columbo (insert shameless self promotion: like this post if you do!) but the point is the same! There are thousands of photos that are shared daily that have been tweaked, tampered, twisted and transposed and we have ALL been duped before.

So in a recent interview with a graphic designer, I asked “How can you tell that an image has been Photoshopped?”

He replied, “Well lots of things really.”

  • Blurred or repeated backgrounds
  • Lines that don’t line up
  • Positions that look unnatural
  • Cloning…

He paused, “I guess…I just have a trained eye to notice those details.”

Well for those of us who don’t have 15 years of design experience, this is a great read that includes altered examples of celebrities, squirrels with laser beams and more: