The Art of Effective Taglines: 3 Key “Do’s”

The ability to comprehensively capture the emotion of a brand or a product in a few simple words can be one of the biggest challenges in the marketing world; and making it memorable is a true art form. However, when you get it right, your tagline can become a part of America, and sometimes global culture (i.e. “Just Do It” - Nike).

At SILVR, we believe in keeping things simple. Start with a good product, identify who your product is for and how it makes their lives better, then have some fun sharing it with your potential customers.

The Art of Effective Taglines: Our 3 “Do’s”:

Simplicity is Key:  Having to explain the meaning of something, much like a joke, leads to a very underwhelming delivery. Don't overcomplicate things.

Achieve an "All-Encompassing" Narrative: This can be difficult; try to capture your entire brand ethos or objective in its simplest, most impactful form.

Make it Memorable: This can be accomplished through alliteration, humor, puns or double entendre. The ultimate success of an effective tagline is having it spoken repeatedly by the mouths and minds of your target audience, independent of the ad's delivery.

Here are some of our staff favorites:

America Runs on Dunkin’ - Dunkin Donuts

“…has a casual and contemporary feel. Elevates the brand by claiming that Dunkin' donuts is a small part of American identity. Endorses the grab-and-go culture that Dunkin' Donuts offers.” - Rachel

Save Your Beard from Being Weird - Beard Buddy

“I'm a sucker for humor when it comes to tag lines and this one gave me a giggle, which means it must be working pretty well if it stayed in the mind of someone who can't even grow a beard :)” - Alyssa

The Ultimate Driving Machine - BMW

“This is so direct and to the point. It's simple, but powerful. They capture so many emotions with this in my opinion. A BMW is a luxury car. This reassures the buyer that even though they are about to overpay for a car, they are getting the best. It makes me feel comfortable, and excited to go fast. It's beautiful.” - Doug

More we love:

  • First Never Follows - Adidas
  • Shave Time. Shave Money. - Dollar Shave Club
  • The Happiest Place on Earth - Disneyland
  • 366 Days of Summer - RAEN Optics
  • There Are Some Things Money Can’t Buy. For Everything else, There’s Mastercard. - Mastercard
  • Betcha Can’t Eat Just One - Lay's
  • No More Tears - Johnson & Johnson
  • Can You Hear Me Now? - Verizon

Join the Conversation:

We’d love to hear any of your favorite taglines and why in the comments section below!  


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