Dear Earth, You Rock.


At the heart of it, Earth Day isn’t about selling eco-friendly toothbrushes or water bottles, it’s about celebrating the one thing we all have in common -- the Earth! As marketers, we can understand the enticing nature of any holiday as being the perfect time to take advantage of the hype, but as humans, we want to take the opportunity to disconnect this Earth Day and embrace the “life” half of work-life balance! 

SILVR is home to a collection of water-dwelling, desert-exploring, tree-hugging, star-gazing, and rock-collecting creatures. In honor of Earth Day, we asked some of the SILVR team, “What corner of the Earth do you love?” 

Alyssa: Joshua Tree because it’s a nearby getaway and I’m always a fan of beautiful desert views and epic stargazing.


Mike: Yosemite. It’s on a scale that i just don’t think is often rivaled in nature…I think I under appreciated it a bit when I was there, but I’d love to go back. Cliffs of Moher in Ireland are the same way. 

Cat: I’d have to say Na Pali Coast in Kauai because there's nothing more humbling than witnessing the power and grandeur of nature. It's good for the soul!


Jasmine: My favorite place here in Massachusetts is Walden Pond. It’s beautiful, well preserved, historical and I love swimming there. My favorite place out in California is Joshua Tree because it is like another planet! You can see all the stars at night. 


Amanda: I love Cinque Terra, Italy. It has the most beautiful views of the ocean sitting alongside the Italian Riviera, with the most green terraces you will ever see!


Neil: Our trip to Yosemite was perfect. We made it there for the National Park Centennial and were able to watch a solar flare through a telescope on the top of Glacier Point. Shoutout to Erica for donating the intertubes, which we used to float off into the wilderness. 


Rachel: The cliffs and coasts around Scotland will always hold a special place in my heart. On foggy days the sea and sky seem to go forever. 

Erica: Honestly, Yosemite is pretty much my favorite place on Earth, but everyone else said that. :) SO….I would have to say my other favorite place on Earth, my home and where half of my heart always lives, Hawaii. I grew up in a place where Mother Nature felt like a friend and I was always aware of how lucky I was. <3


Doug: Where the land meets the sea is where I feel most alive. It’s amazing to think about how long it took the waves and weather to carve the coastline into unique shapes, and then see the patterns that form as water takes the path of least resistance. There is life in even the smallest little cracks in the rocks, and to stop and appreciate it all really puts things into perspective. 


Annie: My latest favorite place in nature (it’s too hard to choose one all-time favorite!) is the Postojna Caves in Slovenia. Seeing the beautiful stalactite and stalagmite formations and the sheer size of the caves was awe-inspiring. They also have life - in the form of tiny, blind, aquatic salamanders!


Sarah: My favorite place on Earth is….well anywhere I can bring my little man. Since he was born, I experience the world through his eyes. He isn’t interested in fancy resorts or margaritas on the beach...I even think Disneyland would be a stretch. He is in love with the details; the rocks, the leaves, the sound of the river, the buttons on the chair in the airplane or the hawk in the sky. He is mesmerized by the moment and teaching me to do the same.


Jackie: The Swiss Alps hold a pretty special place in my memory. As I took in the views from the tiny train slowly climbing its way to the carless village we stayed in I couldn't help but think how it all looked fake. The vibrant greens that stretched through the valleys, the picturesque villages, but most of all the immense scale of the Eiger, Monch, Jungfrau and their massive neighbors. I had never seen such grandeur scale before, it made Yosemite seem small. It was the best kind of sensory overload on every hike there. 


Loryn: My favorite place is being outside in the sun keeping up with my little.  Words cannot express the joy I feel when I watch her experience Mother Earth.


Remember to get out and enjoy a little Mother Earth today.