When we established SILVR Social, we vowed to assist businesses in cultivating, communicating and expanding awareness of their vision through social media. That meant that we had to take ownership and really invest our love into the messages that the companies that we chose to represent were spreading. We were not willing to adopt fast, easy, free, or fear of loss tactics to gain sales. We needed to align our vision with businesses that are operating under the same principles: good intent, quest for something more than money and above all, PASSION. The paramount question was, “How do we find these businesses and how will we help these businesses find us?” 

As fate would have it, we were introduced to a beautiful woman with a massive vision for rudimentary change in business ethics, Traci Wallace, one of the co-founders of Live Weal. (A story that needs its own Passion Profile and we will certainly share another day.) Traci was doing some volunteer work for an event called “Conscious Capitalism.” She was buzzing about the importance of creating a workplace that serves everyone (employees, customers, stockholders and executive teams alike), a shift in the way we perceive “consumers” and a blossoming and resurgence of the passion that initially drove the creation of a company. Traci painted a capitalist utopia and simultaneously described the exact type of business we wanted to represent.

We were introduced to a movement that would light a fire in our hearts that burns brightly to this day.


“While making money is essential for the vitality and sustainability of a business, it is not the only or even the most important reason a business exists. Conscious businesses focus on their purpose beyond profit.”

Conscious Capitalism is movement inspired by the founder and co-CEO of Whole Foods, John Mackey, and business professor, Raj Sisodia. In a book of the same name, they assert that “capitalism can be a force both for economic and social good.”

Fundamental set of beliefs:

Business is good because it is based on value creation. No business can survive unless it creates value.Business is fundamentally ethical because it is based upon voluntary exchange.Business is noble because it helps elevate our existence as human beings.Business is heroic.

Conscious capitalists believe that a business can be built on love. Love for their customers, love for their employees, and love for their shareholders. And by nurturing this environment, these companies will not only create wealth on a social, emotional, spiritual, ecological level but they are far more profitable than businesses that focus primarily on money. In fact, in a financial analysis of 28 companies that were built on love (UPS, Harley Davidson, Whole Foods etc.) they outperformed the market by 10.5 times….over 15 years!!

The Conscious Capitalists have inspired us beyond measure and reaffirmed our aspirations. We attribute a great deal of our success to the principles and guidance that we have adopted from their philosophy. We believe you must “live what you love” and blindly follow your passions. Upon that foundation, you can create a profitable business that is a blessing to everyone who works for you and everyone you serve. We encourage you to purchase this book, to view their 2013 summit videos and to incorporate their ideas within your own business.