Color Palettes We Love

A quick scroll on social media reveals a world where color is key to visual communication. The digital rainbow unfolding in our hands demonstrates that color can capture our attention, evoke emotion, and bring emphasis to elements of a message.

Why is it that some colors stand out more than others? Furthermore, how does a brand navigate the endless array of hues available on digital displays? From RBG’s and CMYK’s, the ABC’s of color can be hard to navigate. Let’s start off with a look at some of our favourite color palettes:

Color Schemes We Love

I like the clean lines, simplicity, and brightness used here. The feelings that this evokes are supported, minimalist, idealistic, and accessible.
— Cat - Creative Genius/Vegetable Enthusiast
The use of simple, consistent color gradients really invites you in with a soothing, visually appealing tone, almost musical in nature.
— Neil - Pun Master/Musician Extraordinaire
I liked the sense of calm they evoked for me. They utilize a primarily neutral color palette with just a little pop of color...
— Rachel - Content Writer

When choosing your brand’s colors, don’t just consider how they look, but how they will make your customers feel.


We’d love to hear about your favorite color schemes- hit us up in the  comments section below! 
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