Cara Lyn Greco Passion Profile

Cara Lyn Greco is one of the most elegant, articulate, organized, and knowledgeable women that we know! She is our business consultant and her guidance continually elevates SILVR to new heights. Simply put, Cara is the type of consultant who truly takes the time to understand the core mission of your business and she continually under promises and over delivers! We wanted to share her story with anyone who's considering starting a business because Cara will undoubtedly help you effectively and efficiently LIVE WHAT YOU LOVE!

CARA LYN GRECO, Business Management Consultant

Cara Lynn Greco Passion Profile

SILVR: What exactly does a “Business Management Consultant” do?  

In my work as a business management consultant I utilize my unique blend of education, professional and personal experiences to help business owners identify their company purpose.  I also work to facilitate the boggling process of developing systems of delivery of the product solution to the customer. With auditing and accounting training I lend a strategic, analytical, collaborative mind to help create sustainable revenue streams, while fostering wise cost control and the identification of areas of risk that could lead to catastrophic loss. Relying on my law school education and litigation experience I often create and/or review business agreements and policies with an eye to the avoidance of future conflicts.  At the same time I am often assisting in business development including the identification of strategic alliance opportunities. As the result of my experience as a founder/partner/CEO of two startups both online and offline, I am able to help my clients navigate employee/employer and business partner frustrations and inspirations.

SILVR: Do you have a professional “mantra” that inspires you regularly?     

Yes - one of several desires that I recite when I awake every morning. My professional desire:  To guide people to live a Thoughtful, Purposeful, & Considerate, Professional and Personal life.  

SILVR: What advice would you give to someone starting a business?

Start by Identifying The Idea:  Develop a very clear idea of the perceived need you will be fulfilling for the customer you’ve identified.  Know that customer; what do you think it is that they want and need?

Then Develop a System designed to Fulfill The Business Purpose: Focus next on how your business will fulfill that customers’ desire in an innovative way.  How will you deliver your product/service?  

Thereafter, always Maintain Focus and Attention; Revisit your Business Purpose EVERY DAY.  Consciously (vs. unconsciously) and fastidiously monitor how you and your team are spending their time.  Design and refine a business solution/system that delivers to your client that product/service that they want.  It is so easy to get lost in the myriad, new tasks and opportunities that continuously present themselves.  So it is of paramount important to consistently and repeatedly set, measure, achieve and re-evaluate your goals with your eye constantly on the Purpose of Your Business.  

And CASH - of utmost importance and so often not monitored until it is too late. How much do you have? Where is it coming from and how much did it cost to generate it? Energetically scrutinize where and how you spend.     

So Peter Drucker sums it up in one succinct sentence:  There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently, that which should not be done at all.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?  Helping a client to convert a problem into an opportunity. So, I feel most rewarded when I am able to work with someone to overcome an obstacle, whether professional or personal, that is hindering their growth.  


SILVR: What’s something surprising most people don’t know about you?  

I love to dance (mostly ballroom style, foxtrot, swing, waltz,).  I was on the ballroom dance team at USC and took tap dancing lessons.   I laugh too though at  the memory of a weekend spent taking pole dancing classes with a girl friend and flying on the trapeze a time or two.  

SILVR: Three things you can’t live without?  

Meditation/Yoga, Learning, Love  (very sneaky way of getting 4 things in)

SILVR: Last book you read?

EMyth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber.