Bloody Interview With Will Van Leuvan


The 2nd Annual SILVR Social Bloody Mary Brawl is looking to be the biggest and baddest Bloody Brawl on the planet, and everyone on the SILVR team is gearing up to throw down and take no prisoners. Since we aren’t about to divulge our secrets for Bloody domination, we spoke with some of the boldest Bloody makers in San Diego to find out how you can have chance at winning the Brawl and take home the coveted SILVR Deer Head.

For our first round of interviews we spoke with Will Van Leuvan at Sandbar Sports Grill in Mission Beach, one of Thrillist best bloody’s in San Diego for their awesomely dubbed Big Ass Bloody.

He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life”

    - Muhammad Ali


What makes the perfect bloody mary?

Our perfect Bloody Mary includes Skyy vodka, Clamato, and a secret mix of delicious ingredients.

What about your bloody mary makes it standout from the pack?

Everyone says you eat and drink with your eyes first, and our Bloody Mary certainly has a eye-catching look. Our garnish sets us apart from most other Bloody Mary's in that it's packed with a piece of french toast, bacon, cheese, salami, and a bunch of pickled vegetables.

What’s the wildest thing you’ve ever put on your bloody?

The wildest thing I've personally put on a Bloody Mary was a piece of tuna sashimi.

Is there a limit to how awesome a bloody marys adornments should be?

As long as the garnish can be presented in a fantastic and appealing way, there should be no limit!

If you could choose one person dead or alive to have a bloody with who would it be and why?

I would have loved to enjoy a Bloody Mary with Ernest Hemingway. That guy loved to drink cocktails and have a great time.