Building Better Brand Stories - Content Marketing

Brand Storytelling-

It’s no secret that content is king, for years the who’s who of the marketing, advertising and tech industries have been singing the praises of content. However, content is a lot of things to a lot of people, and when talking arbitrarily about content, they are often using it as an umbrella for everything from social media marketing to on site static copy.

While those things can be considered content and should be a part of any company or brand's digital marketing strategy. More and more both companies and agencies are focusing the majority of their “content marketing” efforts on building an engaged customer base through emotion driven content.

So what is emotion driven content?

Emotion driven content is any content that is built around a story with an emotional draw first and branding initiatives second. In fact, many progressive companies have been creating award winning content that utilizes little to no branding, and they are finding huge success.

The reason for these brands success while seemingly complex is actually very simple, in today’s over saturated marketplace where millions of brands and companies all compete for the attention of the same consumers, having an emotional connection with customers can build a loyal consumer base.

This is especially true in the millennial market where companies like TOMS and Warby Parker have found immense success by connecting with the consumers desire to give back when they are making purchases. Essentially the more you can do to meet your customers emotionally the more brand loyalty you create.

When creating content, this same principle should be applied. Instead of just talking at consumers about how great your product is, show consumers the heart or your brand and tell the stories of how your business has created change in both the consumer's lives and in the community.

REI recently released a series of three videos that told the stories of individuals who are passionate about the outdoors. There was no product pitch, no “everything’s on sale buy now” hype and the videos collectively have almost 1 million views. Part of the reason for the success of these videos was REI’s willingness to make short video pieces that didn’t feel salesy, which in turn made the videos more shareable, as social media users are far more likely to share a video that resonates with their own hobbies, lifestyle or values than a blatant advertisement.

How Do You Make Emotionally Driven Content-

The first step in creating great emotionally driven content is to get over the fear of not directly selling something. This can be a big hurdle for businesses to get over, as it can be scary to invest in content that has a less directly quantifiable ROI, but if sustainable brand growth and staying power is of interest to your brand than the results will be worth the investment.

The second step is identifying how your brand emotionally connects with its clients or customers and how to leverage those stories into short content pieces. With the advent of inexpensive high-quality video equipment and editing software, producing high-quality video content pieces doesn’t have to be budget breaking.

The third step is to develop a comprehensive digital strategy that will best serve your content. This can be achieved through using your social platforms, email lists and by reaching out to like-minded blogs and media outlets that might benefit from running your content. If your content does its job in connecting with customers on an emotional level it will start to be shared organically.

The Final Step-

The last step in the building emotionally driven brand content is allowing for the content is to have consistency in your branding and content strategy, don’t be a one hit wonder. The better your content is the more customers will come to depend on it, looking to your brand as an influencer in your specific vertical, which will, in turn, drive brand loyalty and improved sales.

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