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Live streaming is growing fast - and not showing any signs of slowing down! Facebook reported that 1/5 of videos posted are live and users spend 3x the amount of time viewing a live video compared to one that was pre-recorded. 

Many of our clients are having success with Facebook Live, so we've put together this cheat sheet to help you get started!


Fonts We Love



How do you pick from the hundreds of fonts available on most websites and design programs? In the wise(ish) words of our in-house Developer, Mike D: 

You can pick a font, but does it tell your story?


  • Do consider if your font is supported on multiple digital platforms. Rare fonts may not load correctly on a variety of browsers.
  • Do try limit your selection to 1-2 fonts. Any more than that can be hard to manage and may look disjointed. 
  • Don’t be afraid to keep it simple. Classic fonts like Garamond, Univers, Didot, Avenir, and Helvetica can take you in almost any direction your brand needs to go! 

Here are a few fonts we love:

Chalat! It’s a clean san serif typeface with a geometric feel.
— Amanda
I love Nouvelle Vague right now. It has a feminine and 70’s feel to it, and I really like Raleway for clean and crisp looks that are web safe.
— Cat
I think Dinot Condensed gives words a nice human feel.
— Erica
Avenir till I die.
— Rachel


We’d love to hear about your tips and tricks for picking fonts - hit us up in the  comments section below! 





When the amazing team at ReVision Optics, Inc. came to us, they had a big request. They asked us to create and implement an online "patient journey portal." With a fresh glass of icy cold brew, we went to the drawing board and started imagining what it could look like. This portal would serve as a tool for both RVO’s customers to easily and quickly access resources and information about the Raindrop® Near Vision Inlay online 24/7. This blog post outlines our process and key learning points through the design and build process. 


ReVision Optics, Inc.


Medical Device


  • Customized Website Development

  • UX Development

  • Content Development

  • Print and Digital Graphic Design  

  • Integrated Marketing Strategy

  • Sales Funnel Development


The client was seeking a solution to effectively present marketing materials to medical practices to support them in promoting the Raindrop® Near Vision Inlay to their patients, while maintaining their brand guidelines. Their solution was to offer digital materials primarily on Google Drive, a zip drive and via individual email requests.


This solution required full-time management of these email requests and turn around time ranged from 3-5 business days. Questions as to how to utilize these materials were managed via field representatives, through email and phone requests, with a turnaround of 2-4 business days.


Our mission was to create a comprehensive online library of marketing support materials that was available 24/7, designed with intuitive navigation and unique content, and kept our client’s procedure top-of-mind for medical practices.

We didn’t stop at architecting a new site; we took this opportunity to provide a roadmap for medical practices to attract new patients, convert inquiries, and provide superior patient interactions via the customized resources and best practices.  

The design and the content reinforce a human-centered way of speaking to a specific end-user audience, address exactly where they are on the patient journey, and mindfully guide their next steps. In parallel, we provided foundational training materials for each stage of the patient journey that were designed to educate practices on how to effectively utilize the resources across various digital marketing platforms, all while maintaining our client’s brand guidelines.


We began the project by identifying and mapping out the phases of the patient journey for a specific medical procedure, while ensuring that each phase mindfully nurtures the prospective patient.


This was followed by a content audit of all marketing materials that would be included on the site. Next, we identified gaps in the patient journey and developed marketing materials that would ensure a fully-supported and seamless path.  In parallel, we created foundational training and best practice guides to support practices to fully activate their marketing campaigns, ensuring our client’s brand voice and visual language are effectively represented.


We created a secure Marketing Portal Site, where all digital marketing materials (over 200 files & videos) are available on-demand for download 24/7 and print materials are available for order directly online. We created training resources for practices that correspond to each stage of the patient journey and are available for download on-demand.


Within the two weeks after website launch, ~50 practices with over 200 individuals created a user account. Prior to the launch of the website, the traffic to the marketing website assets via their previous solution was ~75 over an average two week period. Since launch we are tracking at ~1300 in an average two week period.  That equates to a 1688% increase in user traffic and orders of digital materials. More orders equates to more in-practice branding, which we anticipate will keep our client’s procedure top-of-mind with practices and result in more patient conversions. —- We will keep you posted on the progress.


Dear Earth, You Rock.



At the heart of it, Earth Day isn’t about selling eco-friendly toothbrushes or water bottles, it’s about celebrating the one thing we all have in common -- the Earth! As marketers, we can understand the enticing nature of any holiday as being the perfect time to take advantage of the hype, but as humans, we want to take the opportunity to disconnect this Earth Day and embrace the “life” half of work-life balance! 

SILVR is home to a collection of water-dwelling, desert-exploring, tree-hugging, star-gazing, and rock-collecting creatures. In honor of Earth Day, we asked some of the SILVR team, “What corner of the Earth do you love?” 

Alyssa: Joshua Tree because it’s a nearby getaway and I’m always a fan of beautiful desert views and epic stargazing.


Mike: Yosemite. It’s on a scale that i just don’t think is often rivaled in nature…I think I under appreciated it a bit when I was there, but I’d love to go back. Cliffs of Moher in Ireland are the same way. 

Cat: I’d have to say Na Pali Coast in Kauai because there's nothing more humbling than witnessing the power and grandeur of nature. It's good for the soul!


Jasmine: My favorite place here in Massachusetts is Walden Pond. It’s beautiful, well preserved, historical and I love swimming there. My favorite place out in California is Joshua Tree because it is like another planet! You can see all the stars at night. 


Amanda: I love Cinque Terra, Italy. It has the most beautiful views of the ocean sitting alongside the Italian Riviera, with the most green terraces you will ever see!


Neil: Our trip to Yosemite was perfect. We made it there for the National Park Centennial and were able to watch a solar flare through a telescope on the top of Glacier Point. Shoutout to Erica for donating the intertubes, which we used to float off into the wilderness. 


Rachel: The cliffs and coasts around Scotland will always hold a special place in my heart. On foggy days the sea and sky seem to go forever. 

Erica: Honestly, Yosemite is pretty much my favorite place on Earth, but everyone else said that. :) SO….I would have to say my other favorite place on Earth, my home and where half of my heart always lives, Hawaii. I grew up in a place where Mother Nature felt like a friend and I was always aware of how lucky I was. <3


Doug: Where the land meets the sea is where I feel most alive. It’s amazing to think about how long it took the waves and weather to carve the coastline into unique shapes, and then see the patterns that form as water takes the path of least resistance. There is life in even the smallest little cracks in the rocks, and to stop and appreciate it all really puts things into perspective. 


Annie: My latest favorite place in nature (it’s too hard to choose one all-time favorite!) is the Postojna Caves in Slovenia. Seeing the beautiful stalactite and stalagmite formations and the sheer size of the caves was awe-inspiring. They also have life - in the form of tiny, blind, aquatic salamanders!


Sarah: My favorite place on Earth is….well anywhere I can bring my little man. Since he was born, I experience the world through his eyes. He isn’t interested in fancy resorts or margaritas on the beach...I even think Disneyland would be a stretch. He is in love with the details; the rocks, the leaves, the sound of the river, the buttons on the chair in the airplane or the hawk in the sky. He is mesmerized by the moment and teaching me to do the same.


Jackie: The Swiss Alps hold a pretty special place in my memory. As I took in the views from the tiny train slowly climbing its way to the carless village we stayed in I couldn't help but think how it all looked fake. The vibrant greens that stretched through the valleys, the picturesque villages, but most of all the immense scale of the Eiger, Monch, Jungfrau and their massive neighbors. I had never seen such grandeur scale before, it made Yosemite seem small. It was the best kind of sensory overload on every hike there. 


Loryn: My favorite place is being outside in the sun keeping up with my little.  Words cannot express the joy I feel when I watch her experience Mother Earth.


Remember to get out and enjoy a little Mother Earth today. 


Are You Using The Right Facebook Template for Your Business?


Facebook is one of the most amorphous, dynamic platforms used today’s digital marketing. One of the most recent changes allows Business Pages to utilize  a range of customizable templates. Let’s take a look at the options.


When someone lands on your Facebook page, what action do you want them to do?  Purchase a product? Sign up for a newsletter? Hear what current customers have to say about your brand? Whatever the case, choosing the right Facebook template might help.

There are 7 templates to choose from:

  • Standard (default)
  • Shopping
  • Venues
  • Gaming
  • Politicians
  • Professional Services
  • Restaurants and Cafes

Some templates are more image-based than others, or promote engagement by placing a higher emphasis on user reviews. Before selecting a template, you’ll be able to view its features. Here’s an example of the details you’ll see when viewing Shopping Template:



Speaking of shopping...


Two templates offer the capability to tag your products and services:  

  • Professional Services (Can include medical, commercial, and more)
  • Shopping (Recommended for E-Comm)

This function strengthens your social media presence by allowing you to share products from your Facebook Shopping Page . You can encourage customers to leave ratings and reviews, which strengthen the credibility of your listings. You can also boost your product or create posts that tell an engaging story about what your company has to offer. Make sure to commit to daily community management to ensure that any users tagging your products in a negative light are addressed appropriately.


Not sure which template your page is currently using? No problem. Just login to your page, go to Settings, and select “Edit Page”. You’ll see which template your page is currently using and can make changes from there.


Please be aware, if you already have an established Page, changing the template may delete some of the Page’s existing buttons and tabs. If you are converting a Personal Profile to a Business Page, there are additional factors to consider. You will lose all of the posts on the account, but you will have an opportunity to transfer photos and to convert Friends to Likes on the Page. You’ll also need to assign an Administrator to the Business Page.

Ready to rock? Of course you are.


We’d love to hear your thoughts on the new Facebook templates. Feel free to get in touch in the  comments section below!  


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