Are You Using The Right Facebook Template for Your Business?


Facebook is one of the most amorphous, dynamic platforms used today’s digital marketing. One of the most recent changes allows Business Pages to utilize  a range of customizable templates. Let’s take a look at the options.


When someone lands on your Facebook page, what action do you want them to do?  Purchase a product? Sign up for a newsletter? Hear what current customers have to say about your brand? Whatever the case, choosing the right Facebook template might help.

There are 7 templates to choose from:

  • Standard (default)
  • Shopping
  • Venues
  • Gaming
  • Politicians
  • Professional Services
  • Restaurants and Cafes

Some templates are more image-based than others, or promote engagement by placing a higher emphasis on user reviews. Before selecting a template, you’ll be able to view its features. Here’s an example of the details you’ll see when viewing Shopping Template:



Speaking of shopping...


Two templates offer the capability to tag your products and services:  

  • Professional Services (Can include medical, commercial, and more)
  • Shopping (Recommended for E-Comm)

This function strengthens your social media presence by allowing you to share products from your Facebook Shopping Page . You can encourage customers to leave ratings and reviews, which strengthen the credibility of your listings. You can also boost your product or create posts that tell an engaging story about what your company has to offer. Make sure to commit to daily community management to ensure that any users tagging your products in a negative light are addressed appropriately.


Not sure which template your page is currently using? No problem. Just login to your page, go to Settings, and select “Edit Page”. You’ll see which template your page is currently using and can make changes from there.


Please be aware, if you already have an established Page, changing the template may delete some of the Page’s existing buttons and tabs. If you are converting a Personal Profile to a Business Page, there are additional factors to consider. You will lose all of the posts on the account, but you will have an opportunity to transfer photos and to convert Friends to Likes on the Page. You’ll also need to assign an Administrator to the Business Page.

Ready to rock? Of course you are.


We’d love to hear your thoughts on the new Facebook templates. Feel free to get in touch in the  comments section below!  


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Productivity Playlist


SILVR Social Productivity Playlist

Staying focused at work can be a difficult task. Your thoughts wander to future scenarios, finding yourself poolside with a cocktail in hand, or couch-bound relaxing to Netflix’s latest offerings. The problem here, is that the work will still need to get done and after an extended daydream, you’ll just have less time to do it. Your dreams of a poolside cocktail slowly start to fade...

So, how can we help ourselves stay more focused while at work? There have been several studies on the relationship between music and productivity. Some suggest that listening to music while working can boost alertness, productivity and focus. However, others find that when it comes to cognitively demanding tasks, nothing beats silence. So, while we’re not quite ready to make the call on music being the quick-fix for the distracted procrastinator, we do feel that when you’re in your flow, the right tunes can help you stay on track.

Below are a few music genres best known for their productivity-boosting benefits, as well as some staff picks to get you started on your very own productivity playlist. Of course, finding what works best for you and your personal tastes is the goal here. Godspeed friends.


Go Instrumental while writing- Words can be distracting. Lyrically-dense tunes may not be the best choice while cranking out your next editorial piece.

Try Classical during detail-oriented tasks- If your work involves attention to detail, classical music has been shown to improve mathematical accuracy as well as spell-checking!

Play Natural soundtracks to boost mood- Sounds of the natural world, especially water, can help drown out unwanted distractions while improving mood and cognitive function.

Crank up the Pop while beating the clock- Have a deadline you need to hit by day’s end? Pop music has been shown to decrease the time it takes to complete tasks, as well improving overall accuracy leading to fewer mistakes.

Ready to get working? Check out our SILVR Spotify Playlists



We’d love to hear about your favorite get-it-done tunes- hit us up in the  comments section below!  


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Color Palettes We Love


A quick scroll on social media reveals a world where color is key to visual communication. The digital rainbow unfolding in our hands demonstrates that color can capture our attention, evoke emotion, and bring emphasis to elements of a message.

Why is it that some colors stand out more than others? Furthermore, how does a brand navigate the endless array of hues available on digital displays? From RBG’s and CMYK’s, the ABC’s of color can be hard to navigate. Let’s start off with a look at some of our favourite color palettes:

Color Schemes We Love

I like the clean lines, simplicity, and brightness used here. The feelings that this evokes are supported, minimalist, idealistic, and accessible.
— Cat - Creative Genius/Vegetable Enthusiast
The use of simple, consistent color gradients really invites you in with a soothing, visually appealing tone, almost musical in nature.
— Neil - Pun Master/Musician Extraordinaire
I liked the sense of calm they evoked for me. They utilize a primarily neutral color palette with just a little pop of color...
— Rachel - Content Writer

When choosing your brand’s colors, don’t just consider how they look, but how they will make your customers feel.


We’d love to hear about your favorite color schemes- hit us up in the  comments section below! 
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Multi-Channel Marketing


Multi-channel marketing (running ads simultaneously across a variety of mediums) is key to getting your brand out to customers, wherever they may be.  A multi-channel strategy may include digital ads, TV commercials, radio spots, mobile applications, and a variety of print mediums, like billboards or magazine ads. Digital ads can be especially effective at targeting potential customers that have Googled your services, or who are looking for similar services in your area.

At SILVR, we specialize in multi-channel digital marketing strategies and here’s a few key things we recommend doing when setting up a great multi-channel strategy:

Take advantage of the range of digital channels available

Search, paid ads, email marketing social media- the options are endless. Pick platforms that most relate to your customer and start there.

Multi-channel campaigns are the most effective when the message is seamless from one channel to another.
— Mike D - Digital Developer & Designer

Create ads with consistency and slight variation.

All of your messaging should be consistent, but include variations that make sense for the platform. In the wise words of entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk, “Content is king, but context is God.” You’ll want your Instagram ads to fit in with the platform. People visit Instagram looking for rich visual imagery, so give them what they are looking for!

Track it like it’s hot.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again… Track your work! Identify your KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) and track how your advertising efforts serve them. Several fantastic analytical tools are available online, some at no cost! Utilize UTM codes (is a simple code that you attach to a custom URL that allows you to track its source, medium and campaign name in Google Analytics) and other tracking tools to make sure that a of your digital ad efforts are measured. This will provide insight into which channels in your strategy are working, and why.

Do more of what works and evolve away from what doesn’t.

You have more knowledge at your fingertips than you may realize. Here are a few things to consider when approaching a new campaign.


“I Will What I Want” - Under Armour  (TV, Social, YouTube, Web, Print)

“The first time I ever saw the commercial with Misty Copeland, I couldn't look away. These ads are empowering - not only for women, but for young girls coming into their own.” -Alyssa

“Flo” from Progressive (TV, Social, Web, Print)

“Even though the campaign originally started as a push to make shopping for insurance appear to be a pleasant experience, Flo became so immediately recognizable across nearly all ad channels - keeping Progressive top of mind. There are even Halloween costumes of her likeness.” - Neil

“Small Business Saturday” - American Express (Print, Web, Social, Radio)

“I have always been impressed with the American Express ‘Small Business Saturday‘ campaign which promotes shopping at small local businesses the day after Black Friday. They've been doing this for about 5 years now and it has been so successful that many people don't even realize that it is an American Express campaign" - Jasmine


“Shot on iPhone” -Apple (Print, Web, Social)

“Change” -Barack Obama (Print, Web, Social)

“Real Beauty”- Dove (Print, Web, TV)


We’d love to hear about your favorite multi-channel marketing campaigns- share your thoughts in the  comments section below!  


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The Art of Effective Taglines: 3 Key “Do’s”


The ability to comprehensively capture the emotion of a brand or a product in a few simple words can be one of the biggest challenges in the marketing world; and making it memorable is a true art form. However, when you get it right, your tagline can become a part of America, and sometimes global culture (i.e. “Just Do It” - Nike).

At SILVR, we believe in keeping things simple. Start with a good product, identify who your product is for and how it makes their lives better, then have some fun sharing it with your potential customers.

The Art of Effective Taglines: Our 3 “Do’s”:

Simplicity is Key:  Having to explain the meaning of something, much like a joke, leads to a very underwhelming delivery. Don't overcomplicate things.

Achieve an "All-Encompassing" Narrative: This can be difficult; try to capture your entire brand ethos or objective in its simplest, most impactful form.

Make it Memorable: This can be accomplished through alliteration, humor, puns or double entendre. The ultimate success of an effective tagline is having it spoken repeatedly by the mouths and minds of your target audience, independent of the ad's delivery.

Here are some of our staff favorites:

America Runs on Dunkin’ - Dunkin Donuts

“…has a casual and contemporary feel. Elevates the brand by claiming that Dunkin' donuts is a small part of American identity. Endorses the grab-and-go culture that Dunkin' Donuts offers.” - Rachel

Save Your Beard from Being Weird - Beard Buddy

“I'm a sucker for humor when it comes to tag lines and this one gave me a giggle, which means it must be working pretty well if it stayed in the mind of someone who can't even grow a beard :)” - Alyssa

The Ultimate Driving Machine - BMW

“This is so direct and to the point. It's simple, but powerful. They capture so many emotions with this in my opinion. A BMW is a luxury car. This reassures the buyer that even though they are about to overpay for a car, they are getting the best. It makes me feel comfortable, and excited to go fast. It's beautiful.” - Doug

More we love:

  • First Never Follows - Adidas
  • Shave Time. Shave Money. - Dollar Shave Club
  • The Happiest Place on Earth - Disneyland
  • 366 Days of Summer - RAEN Optics
  • There Are Some Things Money Can’t Buy. For Everything else, There’s Mastercard. - Mastercard
  • Betcha Can’t Eat Just One - Lay's
  • No More Tears - Johnson & Johnson
  • Can You Hear Me Now? - Verizon

Join the Conversation:

We’d love to hear any of your favorite taglines and why in the comments section below!  


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