Kim Baritaric

Services Provided

  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Infographics
  • Contest development
  • Ad buys
  • Print collateral
  • Digital strategy consulting 

Social Media Marketing

The Goal:

Utilize a comprehensive social media strategy to educate potential patients, engage with past and current patients, increase word of mouth referrals and sales. 

  1. Increase Facebook fan base and engagement

  2. Increase effectiveness of Facebook ads and decrease cost

  3. Increase effectiveness of patient education program

  4. Increase sales and word of mouth referrals



Results of Facebook campaign:

In December 2012, Kim Bariatric had 5,383 fans on Facebook. Today their fan base is 13,277 and growing.


New fans per month


379 fans per month in 2012


Customers reached per month


83,100 customers reached


Cost per fan on Facebook Ads


$5.12 per page like in 2012

Webinar - Live Chat with Nate Newton

The Goal:

Inspire and motivate new and existing patients

Our Approach:

Nate Newton is a former Dallas cowboy and athletic inspiration to millions of Americans. Dr. Kim performed Nate's surgery a little over four years ago. We celebrated by organizing a LIVE webinar where potential and existing patients could ask Nate questions about his journey. The webinar was:

  • Streaming live video
  • Mobile friendly
  • Featured on Facebook and Twitter

Infographic Development

Snapshot of one section of the infographic.

Snapshot of one section of the infographic.

The Goal:

Educate potential patients on the Kim Inverted Gastric Sleeve, Dr. Kim's approach to the vertical sleeve gastrectomy.

Our Approach:

Patient education is a crucial element of a successful medical practice. The more informed the patient, the better the end result. We wanted to create a tool to better explain Dr. Kim's unique approach to the gastric sleeve procedure. This infographic is used within the office to quickly and easily educate patients about their weight loss surgery options. We've also shared this project on Kim Bariatric's social channels.

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